We only have one shot; we may as well make it as amazing as possible.


If I’m in, I’m all in. A tough situation can turn unexpectedly good if you apply yourself and make room for a better outcome.

As long as I can remember, I was drawing. There is still a box in the attic full of drawings from my youth. I never really thought I’d make a living out of it, because I’m not an artist in the sense of gallery art. I needed more action, more response, more interaction. It’s like the internet was invented for my kind of creativity.

Decades later I now use design to connect people to ideas and opportunities. I take great care to architect that unique moment where a person realizes: that they have found something that will make their life better, or make them happy. That is the point at which design inserts into a person’s life and changes them. I live for that moment.





Artists merely express their own emotions: in return they starve. Designers shape the emotions of others: they fare much better!

Though six years of freelancing I had the opportunity to build on the art of branding. After two years of corporate design and marketing I have experienced larger scale marketing. I’ve also had the opportunity to lead, to train and develop talent in a production environment.

I’ve learned this: The power of an effective marketing team is immense. There is so much underutilized opportunity in social media right now. The time is now to achieve the upper-hand for businesses who are prepared to embrace change meet their customers on a new level. I love being a change-agent in this way.


There is always a higher purpose.

I have an amazing wife and an amazing son. I couldn’t have picked anyone better. My wife and I enjoy dancing: ballroom varieties. She is my “Abigail Adams”—a clear thinker, trusted confidant, and best friend.

Being a Dad is a blast! I get to do boy stuff with my son. He may be only two but we do all kinds of mischief together. I think my wife sometimes thinks she has two children on her hands.