Who I am

Who is this human and how does he human with other humans?


I seek to make a difference in people's lives by making an impact on the products and services that make their lives better. I do this by employing listening and problem solving in a team context.


My insatiable curiousity at work carries into my private life. I'm constantly learning something new, experiencing new things, and taking on personal projects that stretch my skills and imagination.

Industry Writing

My thoughts regarding UX, CX, and product development.

Beyond The Interview

Upcoming Book


Professional Speaking

I am seeing new speaking opportunities. If you have a conference or webinar that needs high-energy, high-quality UX content, consider me! Look at my Medium articles for a sense of my content.


Let's Talk About Biases in Resarch

Rock Family of Companies UX Summit

There are so many biases that we as researchers can inject into our research. Lets look at the most common ones and catched them before they affect our work.


Our Testers Are Not Our Clients

UXPA Michigan, Webinar

We learn a lot from our test panelests, but it's important to realize they are not our user. Even if they are the right demographic, they are too calm, prepared, and willing.


Understanding Users with Jobs to Be Done

Rock Family of Companies UX Summit

We talk about how the popular product development practice of long-format interviews can be utilized by UX researchers to inform strategy and solutions.

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